Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can Con!!!

I'll have to dig up the Flavor Unit comp I have somewhere. It has some good jams on it. For now here is some Michie Mee for you from 1990. Entire 12"

Michie Mee- Jamacian Funk
Michie Mee- Jamacian Funk Instro
Michie Mee- All Night Stand

Sunday, April 27, 2008

B- Boys and Girls

I used to play this for the B-Boys and Girls in the small room at Sonar back in the Cherry Bombs days. Why don't the B-Boys and Girls ever go out anymore? Maybe they do. I don't know. Anyway, this track off this comp is dope when the Apache break drops in. Go get your Uprock on!

Sutra Sonic- Shalamar

Skate Jam

My Homeboy Scotty used to play Mo Wax shit at the Skate Jams up in Whistler back in the day. This is a cut off of Krush's "Strictly Turntableized" that I like.

Dj Krush- Yeah

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Break Time!

This is the kind of jam that makes digging for 50 cent thrift store records worth while. This comp. has a few other good tracks like "Cookies" and "Party is a Groovy Thing" (the vocal version of the track I'm posting). Good drum break to loop and have one of your rapper buddies freestyle over it for like an hour, If you're into that kind of thing. Or you can just kick it and enjoy.

The People- A Groovy Thing

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cold Housin'

Age was super into the early 90's underground British hip hop scene - which explains how this record came to be in my hands.

Released on British hip hop label Blapps! Records in '89 and produced by the Dynamic Guvnors - the acid beats definitely reflect a UK sound. Get yo' dance on!

The 3D mix is shorter and more "ravey" - which is why I probably like it better...
MC Untouchable - Cold House (Ooh Ooh Mx)
MC Untouchable - Cold House (3D Mix )

Deadly to the Mega

I thought I'd come out the doors running ... and even though it's something you'll probably never listen to, I'm takin' it and running all the way.

My inspirations for posting this are the following two things:

Anthrax's wicked 80's "I'm The Man" poses, showing their (ahem) funny, loveable side
The 80's catch phrase "NOT" that caught like wildfire and deemed necessary to use throughout this song

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. I promise more engaging gems soon...

Anthrax- I'm the Man (Def Uncensored Version)

Chop it up

I forgot about this Lp that James Brown did with old school cats Full Force. This track I'm posting has been sampled by some people but I can't remember who. It needs to be chopped up and freshened up. Get to work.

James Brown- Godfather Runnin the Joint
(link fixed)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One to chill to

I'm digging out old tracks that I'm like "Damn, forgot how nice this is" Good one to stroll around with the headphones on.

Brand Nubian- Word is Bond (Remix)

In the daytime the radio's scared of me

A while back I stopped Skateboarding for a bit and then a friend of mine said to me "Why did you abandon skateboarding, skateboarding never abandoned you" - So I got a new deck and and wheels and went skating.

I've kind of abandoned my Records as of late due to Serato. I put shit loads of money and time into my collection so its time to give some attention to it. We are gonna keep the music on here pretty loose. There is no theme or gimmick to this blog just records to be shared.

That being said...the first thing to go up is a record I never really used to play out. Musical tastes change over the years and listening to this after a long time makes me realize its pretty dope.

Here is the Club Groove mix or For Those Who Like to Groove and the Club Bonus. Its on some Hip-House type vibe. Produced by The Hollywood Impact.
Twin Hype- For Those Who Like to Groove (Club Groove Mix)
Twin Hype- For Those Who Like to Groove (Club Bonus)