Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the daytime the radio's scared of me

A while back I stopped Skateboarding for a bit and then a friend of mine said to me "Why did you abandon skateboarding, skateboarding never abandoned you" - So I got a new deck and and wheels and went skating.

I've kind of abandoned my Records as of late due to Serato. I put shit loads of money and time into my collection so its time to give some attention to it. We are gonna keep the music on here pretty loose. There is no theme or gimmick to this blog just records to be shared.

That being said...the first thing to go up is a record I never really used to play out. Musical tastes change over the years and listening to this after a long time makes me realize its pretty dope.

Here is the Club Groove mix or For Those Who Like to Groove and the Club Bonus. Its on some Hip-House type vibe. Produced by The Hollywood Impact.
Twin Hype- For Those Who Like to Groove (Club Groove Mix)
Twin Hype- For Those Who Like to Groove (Club Bonus)

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